The world is truly becoming the "global village." The natural barriers of geography, language, or currency that protected industries or restricted access to markets have been virtually eliminated. Certainly, the Internet has been a significant driver of this, but so too have improvements in logistics and the establishment of common currencies in key trading blocks. Unfortunately, certain countries continue to pursue artificial barriers to open market trade. While over the long term, these too will be eliminated, in the short term the impact on exporters can be dramatic.

Hunter Consulting International Inc. has considerable experience in the area of International Trade, working together with companies and associations to address market access issues and providing support to organizations seeking to expand into the global marketplace.

Market Access:
Despite efforts towards globalization, significant barriers to trade exist between all major trading blocks. Hunter Consulting International Inc. has worked closely with major corporations in the forest industry, addressing market access issues, particularly as they relate to the United States.

.Managing these issues is an onerous and resource draining endeavour. Hunter Consulting International Inc. is equipped to relieve some of this pressure and cost by taking on the various tactical activities required to resolve the issue.

Further, Hunter Consulting International Inc. offers market and industry research services that provide the data and information necessary to support strategic decisions and negotiation strategies.

Hunter Consulting International Inc. has extensive experience in the international marketplace. The key to success in this area is sensitivity to local cultures, norms and business practices. The company has particular expertise in the import/export of building materials and complementary products to Europe, Japan, and Asia. Current projects include facilitation of softwood lumber imports from the Baltic states into North America and export of agricultural products to Japan.

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