With downsizing, or a shortage of internal resources, marketing is often one of the first areas that are cut. Unfortunately, the long term impact on an organization's competitive position, market share, and long term growth prospects will be dramatic and result in real and "opportunity" losses far exceeding the original perceived cost savings.

Through outsourcing, organizations can achieve immediate cost savings while developing or expanding their marketing presence. In addition, cooperative relationships are often established that provide further legs to an organizations marketing plan.

Hunter Consulting International Inc. has extensive experience developing and managing innovative marketing plans. These plans range from small, scaleable plans, for private companies to large, multi-million dollar, campaigns for corporations and industry associations.


While marketing is ultimately about engendering customer loyalty,
a specific strategy is unique to the organization, the industry, and geographic focus. Thus, each plan must be properly researched and supported by sufficient resources to ensure successful program delivery. From the outset, Hunter Consulting International works with you to define the overall goal of the program and establish the umbrella strategy to ensure program and spending effectiveness.

The scaleable nature of Hunter's marketing services allows clients to select those elements most important to them. Specific services offered in the Marketing practice include:
  • Program Management and Creative Direction
  • Branding and Brand Management
  • EBusiness and Internet Marketing
  • Program implementation including advertising and trade shows
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales and Channel Management
  • Market Research
Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve outrageous results by incorporating an innovative and scaleable marketing strategy into your organization's strategic plan.

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