Hunter Consulting International's responsive and pragmatic approach translates well to other value focussed industries. Three examples of these include:

Mega-Yacht Manufacturing
The yacht building industry in British Columbia is growing at a phenomenal rate. Unfortunately, the rate of growth has resulted in a general lack of resources to help companies take advantage of the opportunities. Working together with a small but growing private company, Hunter Consulting International Inc. provides marketing services and management decision support to ensure the client is effectively positioned. This long-term client will benefit from outsourcing services that complement its own expertise. Because of the collaborative efforts, the client's product can be found on major projects around North America.

Hunter Consulting International Inc. provides its full complement of services to an established company within this sector. The client recently undertook a shift from harvesting to wholesale and retail operations. This shift has brought about the need for specialized services, such as change management and export program development. Other projects have been undertaken in this sector with a particular emphasis on import/export.

Specialty Products
Through its experience and expertise, Hunter Consulting International Inc. provides its services to companies that manufacture products or offer services that complement the building materials industry. This area of growth reflects the overall flexibility of Hunter Consulting International in delivering results to a broad range of industries through its innovative services.

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