Mr. Cees de Jager is the founder and principal of Hunter Consulting International Inc. Well respected by his peers and clients alike, he has been described as an established and proven marketer with the skills and training to lead a team of professionals to success in the international market place. He is a well rounded and results oriented professional with a broad portfolio of skills, education, and experience.

His background includes leadership roles in production management, product management, financial analysis, product liability management, international sales, and marketing. His career has been built through positions at medium sized business and large multi-national corporations. At each position, he has facilitated change and delivered lasting results for the organization. Traveling extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Mr. de Jager brings a global perspective and holistic approach to his engagements.


In recent years, Mr. de Jager has played key roles in the merger of two large multi-national corporations, the development of a comprehensive international marketing and branding program, creation of an innovative eBusiness strategy, negotiation of trade disputes and the establishment of industry trade organization targeting the international market place.

To contact Mr. de Jager directly, you can email him or call (604) 916 7047.

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